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Global Numbering

One Connection for All Your Customers

Your routine conversation with your customers is important to us. Get a single connection with our DID service to improve engagement with every interaction.

Cut Wait Time

Multiple DID numbers can be connected with a single SIP trunk. You can eliminate wait time for your customers by assigning a dedicated DID number to your employees, departments, and locations without getting a separate connection.


Your customers won’t have to wait any longer to make contact with the relevant person. So your business
processes will flow smoothly.

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Make A Direct Connection With Your Customers

DID number allows your customers to directly call the relevant department or the person they want to talk to. DIDs are virtual phone numbers assigned to your company employees.

Use DID Numbers in Conjunction With Your PBX

DID numbers can easily link with your private branch exchange system through trunk lines for seamless communication. When calls arrive at your PBX system, the dialed numbers are transmitted so that the PBX can route the call to the desired extension. As a consequence, you can save money on buying individual phone numbers for your business.

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Customer Service
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No More Wait Time

DID numbers can enable multiple virtual numbers on a single SIP trunk allowing multiple customers to call at one time. Your customers no longer have to wait in a queue if available representatives can answer their call. If you don’t have a DID number service, calls directed to your main line will show as busy if your customer rep is busy on a call while the remaining staff is free. In short, DID numbers allow multiple calls to reach their destination through a single SIP trunk.

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Scale Your Business With Business Virtual Numbers

Expand your business globally without setting up a dedicated office and leverage our virtual numbers to communicate with your customers.

How DID Services Work

DID services provide virtual phone numbers to small, medium, and enterprise businesses. Instead of investing in a separate connection for your international clients, you can cut costs and save time through our services.

Why Choose One Owl? 

DID Service For All Platforms

There is no need to switch your communication platform. One Owl VOIP API can integrate with your existing ones. You can link our DID numbers with your CRM to improve customer tracking. We integrate all major SBC, CpaaS, and UcaaS solutions, so your business will be up and running before you know it.

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